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August 2, 2017

Plex live TV makes its way to Android phones and tablets

by John_A


Having initially launched for Android TV, the regular app on phones and tablets is now getting live TV support.

When Plex live TV first launched it was made clear it was a staggered rollout where device support would get added over time. That time is now for Android phones and tablets with the mobile app joining the Android TV app in getting the new feature available to Plex Pass subscribers.

The update comes alongside a similar one for the Apple TV, and enables your Plex server to stream your favorite shows over your local network to any of the Android devices in your household. The only thing you need is a network TV tuner like the HDHomeRun Connect and a suitable digital TV antenna.

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That’s not all, though. Plex is also announcing that as of today the DVR function is out of beta and you’ll be able to use this directly from your Android mobile devices too. Once the feature is set up on your Plex Server you can browse and schedule recordings as well as watch them back from all your devices.

And don’t forget if you’re an NVIDIA Shield TV owner, you can set up Plex Media Server on that.

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With the expanded rollout of live TV, Plex is also introducing time shifting. Rewind, pause and fast forward live shows so you “don’t have to time your snack quests during commercials” (their words!)

If you’re an Android Plex user, the circle is now complete. You can enjoy your favorite TV alongside your own media content whenever you like on whatever device you choose. If you also use Plex on other devices, there’s also a heads up on what will get this update next.

Roku, the Plex web app, Amazon Fire TV and Plex Smart TV apps are all next on the slate to get live TV, so if you’re using one of those, sit tight a little while longer. The updated Android app should be rolling out to your phone or tablet imminently.

Download Plex from the Google Play Store

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