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July 13, 2017

Indiegogo’s $25 Mu Tag is the world’s smallest loss-prevention device

by John_A

Why it matters to you

Keeping tabs on your possessions shouldn’t require a huge, conspicuous tag. Luckily, the Mu Tag is here to help.

Look, we get it. Keeping tabs on your possessions can be tough. We’re always misplacing our wallets, forgetting our phones, or bemoaning airlines that lose our bags. And while you could try to prevent the loss of these valuables by tying giant ribbons to them, attaching sirens, or otherwise making your things look awfully conspicuous, technology has an easier solution. It’s called the Mu Tag, and it’s heralded as the world’s smallest loss-prevention device.

While there are plenty of tracking solutions already available, the Mu Tag wants to help you avoid the need to even track your things by ensuring that you don’t lose them in the first place — all without drawing unnecessary attention. The small, discreet electronic tag can be easily attached to a wide range of devices, whether it’s your purse, your computer, or your bike.

Once it’s been affixed to an object, the Mu Tag communicates with either your smartphone or your smartwatch, and lets you know when you’ve wandered too far away from your belongings. Thanks to the companion Informu app, you can manage multiple Mu Tags at once. And because no Bluetooth pairing is necessary for the tag and app to work, onboarding ought to be relatively easy.

Although the primary function of the Mu Tag is to behave as a “virtual leash” between you and your items, the tag can also learn about your habits and needs with continued use. For example, by integrating with your calendar, the Informu app can tell you when you have an upcoming flight, and remind you to bring your suitcase to the airport.

The app is also capable of remembering “safe locations” based on your configuration. That means that if you walk away from your tagged laptop while you’re at home, you won’t get a notification. On the other hand, if you do the same at a coffeeshop, the Mu Tag will let you know to be a bit more careful.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised more than $100,000, the Mu Tag has now made its way over to Indiegogo, where it’s available for pre-order for $25, with an expected shipment date in December 2017.

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