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July 13, 2017

Best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S8

by John_A


The Galaxy S8 is a big deal on its own, but it’s even better with some fantastic accessories. Here are some of the best you can find!

A phone, naked, is just a phone. A phone, accessorized, is a… well, it’s a phone with a bunch of awesome stuff connected to it. From cases to battery packs to chargers, camera add-ons and other cool stuff, here’s what you need to know.

Samsung Clear View Standing Cover


A case that doubles as a kickstand isn’t anything new, but Samsung’s Clear View Standing Cover does it right. Not only does the folio case protect the screen when not in use, but the cover is translucent, so you can see and interact with the phone while it’s docked to answer calls and see notifications. When you want to watch some sweet music videos on the train home, the cover opens up and docks to a kickstand. Perfect.

See at Amazon

Spigen cases


Spigen is always on point with its lineup of cases for the latest smartphone releases, and it’s rolled out a full line for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

If you’ve tried and loved one of their cases before, you’ll be able to find the style that’s right for you.

A deep dive into Spigen’s Galaxy S8 case lineup

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Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible


Samsung has completely revamped its wireless charger for the Galaxy S8 and it’s pretty great.

The plush pad can charge the Galaxy S8 or S8+ wireless from pretty much any position, but the beauty of this new charger is in the name: you can prop up the phone on a desk to charge vertically, allowing you to peer at (and get distracted by) the Galaxy S8’s awesome new always-on display while you work. It’s really simple to change positions, and in either orientation the phone charges fast — almost as quickly as it would when plugged in.

And if you’re not all that interested in a convertible charger, last year’s fast wireless charger can be had for a steal over at Amazon.

See at Amazon

Anker PowerCore+ 21000


Your Galaxy S8 already comes with a pretty big battery, but if you’re the type to carry a backpack wherever you go, putting this slim, lightweight Anker PowerCore+ 21000 pack in there is a pretty good idea.

The charger comes with two USB-A ports and a dual-direction USB-C port for charging your phone and the charger itself. Genius! And because there’s so much room in the battery, it should top up your Galaxy S8 five or six times without needing to be topped up itself.

See at Amazon

Mophie Juice Pack


If a battery charging case is more your thing, Mophie has you covered. The Juice Pack line has been powering Galaxy devices for years, and this year’s model is slimmer and more intelligent than ever.

The Juice Pack plugs into your Galaxy S8’s USB-C port to top it up with 2950mAh of additional juice, and the case itself, like the phone, charges wirelessly using Qi technology, so you can use the same wireless charging pad you do for your phone.

See at Amazon

Gear VR w/ new Controller


If you’ve never tried Samsung Gear VR before, you’re in for a real treat. Samsung partnered up with Oculus to provide one of the best mobile VR experiences you’ll find, with compelling games to play alone or with friends, tons of streaming video apps and VR exclusive experiences, along with its own functional social media platform.

Making things all the sweeter is the inclusion of the new touch controller, meaning you won’t need to hold your hand up to the headset like you’re Cyclops from the X-Men.

Everything you need to know about Samsung Gear VR

See at Amazon

Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch


The Gear S3 doesn’t get enough love. It’s an amazing smartwatch with tons of features that work really well with the Galaxy S8. And, if you’re running it with Samsung’s latest smartphone, you get things like Samsung Pay, which isn’t available on other devices.

But more than that, Samsung has created a relatively affordable, long-lasting and feature-filled smartwach in the Gear S3, and one that, unlike most Android Wear products, will last more than a day on a charge.

See at Amazon

Which accessories have caught your eye so far?

What are your go-to accessories for a new phone? Anything you’ll be picking up for your new Samsung Galaxy S8? Let us know in the comments!

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