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July 9, 2017

Stream your shows anywhere there’s Wi-Fi with the $25 Google Chromecast

by John_A

Best Buy has the Google Chromecast for just $25. That’s $10 off the normal price and is being matched at other retailers like Target and B&H. B&H is actually the cheapest option if you include the shipping charges, since none of them offer free shipping for a $25 item. However, Best Buy currently has a deal for streaming devices where you can get a free month of DirecTV Now and stream live channels to your device, and you can always avoid the shipping charge altogether with free in-store pickup.


Chromecast is a great device for two reasons. First, it’s tiny. You can take this thing with you anywhere and get streaming services any place you can connect to Wi-Fi. Second, it’s great because it’s cheap. Obviously it’s even cheaper with this deal but even at $35 it was always super affordable.

The Chromecast streaming services are at the top of the game and compete with the likes of Roku. In one little device you’ll have access to all the major music services like Pandora and Spotify as well as top TV streaming services like HBO Now, Netflix, and Hulu.

If you really want to cut that metaphorical cord, Best Buy also has a Chromecast bundle including an HDTV antenna for $20 off its normal price.

See at Best Buy

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