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July 7, 2017

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: News and rumors

by John_A

Why it matters to you

Xiaomi was ahead of the curve in terms of smartphone design with the Mi Mix. The Mi Mix 2 could follow suit and set a new standard.

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix smartphone is just a taste of what’s to come in smartphone design — a large, gorgeous display with next to no bezels. Even though the Mi Mix only came out last fall, Xiaomi may already be working on a successor.

There is not a lot of information to go on just yet, but here is everything we think we know about the Mi Mix 2.


India Today

Much about Xiamoi’s upcoming flagship remains a mystery, but we can glean hints from the benchmarks that have leaked so far.

In early July, India Today spotted a Mi Mix 2 unit on benchmarking website GFXBench with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 6.4-inch IPS LCD display. It sports a 5-megapixel selfie camera embedded in the bottom, and runs an Android 7.1.1 Nougat-based operating system.


The Xiaomi Mi Mix made headlines for one reason — the huge display that covered almost the entire front of the phone. Recent GIFs that leaked on the Weibo network and were shared by XiaomiToday indicate the company is looking to cover even more surface area with the Mi Mix 2.

The animations depict a phone that is virtually bezel-free on the top and sides, with an extremely thin bottom bezel. XiaomiToday reports the second-generation Mi Mix will continue the ceramic construction of the original, though this time the display will comprise 93 percent of the front of the device, up from 90 percent in the previous model. The screen is also expected to employ AMOLED technology. Bear in mind these are only renderings — not shots of an actual device — and we cannot verify their authenticity.

Moving to the back, the leak suggests dual cameras above a rear fingerprint sensor, the latter of which XiaomiToday says will utilize the same ultrasonic module found in Xiaomi’s Mi 5s.

A report from GizmoChina earlier in March corroborates XiaomiToday’s 93 percent screen-to-bezel-ratio claim, as well as the AMOLED display rumor — though GizmoChina said the panel would be curved. The low quality of the GIFs makes it impossible to tell if there’s any curve along the sides of the model’s screen.

What made the Mi Mix unique — apart from nearly nonexistent bezels — was the use of Elliptic Labs’ ultrasound technology to replace the proximity sensor on the front of the screen. This allowed for the phone’s screen to go black during a call when the device was lifted up to the ear — an action usually performed by the proximity sensor.

Using ultrasound technology allowed Xiaomi to eliminate the bezel on the top of the device. It’s highly likely we’ll see this again, but perhaps the company will take it a step further and attempt to remove the bottom bezel as well.

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said in a Weibo update that he is working again with Philippe Starck, the French designer that helped design the Mi Mix. From rough translations, there seem to be no specific mention of the Mi Mix 2, but Jun said the two are looking to see how they can make “these exciting innovations [a] reality.” Jun posted a picture of the two standing in front of a Mi Mix advertisement.

It seems likely that Jun is referring to the second-generation Mi Mix, though we cannot confirm this.

Update: Added in leaked benchmarks which appear to show the Mi Mix 2’s processor and screen size. 

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