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July 7, 2017

OnePlus 5 has a DxOMark Mobile score of 87

by John_A

We always desire to have a winning score.

With the focus on photography in the OnePlus 5, it wasn’t surprising that the company put emphasis on its forthcoming DxOMark Mobile score. Now we have the results: the OnePlus 5 scored an 87, placing it in some decent company.


With a score of 87, DxOMark has judged the OnePlus 5’s camera to be on par with the likes of the Huawei P10, Moto Z, Galaxy S6 edge+ and Sony Xperia XZ. DxOMark’s methods are verbose, relatively standardized and explained in its full review, but in the end are still somewhat subjective — as is the case for all photography.

DxOMark’s OnePlus 5 camera review gives the phone plaudits for its white balance, colors, detail preservation in bright lighting and fast auto focus. On the downside, it notes occasional strong loss of details outdoors, fine details lost in low-light scenes, and ghosting effect in some outdoor conditions. That all lines up well with our findings in our OnePlus 5 review.

Lots of nuance is lost in a direct rating — not to mention the tight margins of the scale.

What’s often lost in these sorts of ratings are the extremely tight margins between cameras. A single point lower, at 86, you’ll find the iPhone 7, LG G5 and Galaxy Note 5 (which has the same camera as the GS6 edge+, but no matter). One point higher, at 88, you’ll see the Galaxy S8, HTC 10 and Sony Xperia X Performance. The highest score yet is just 90, held by the HTC U11, and the lowest Android phone score is the Galaxy S2 at 57 — so really, we’re looking at a score of 87 on an effective scale of 57 to 90 … you can see why this is a tad confusing at best.

However it got there, DxOMark’s reviews have started to become one of the standard parts of launching a phone — we’ve seen in just the past month how much stock both OnePlus and HTC put in their scores. OnePlus should be pleased with a score of 87 on some level, particularly considering the pricing of its phone against the competition.

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