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July 7, 2017

Best Accessories For HTC U11

by John_A


You have the phone, now gear it up with some accessories.

You may have some accessories from a prior phone that work with your HTC U11, but chances are you’ll need at least a couple to address this phone in particular. When you’re looking for everything to gear up your U11, start with this list and get the essentials before heading anywhere else.

Aukey dual USB port Quick Charge 3.0 car charger


You get a Quick Charge wall socket in your U11’s box, but if you don’t yet have a car charger with the newer fast charging tech you’ll want to snag one for topping up on the go. Aukey sells a sweet little car charger that can actually charge two phones at once using Quick Charge 3.0, giving you extra possibilities.

The USB ports are obviously backward compatible to previous Quick Charge versions, or will charge up non-Quick Charge phones at standard USB rates. A solid deal for $20, especially considering how long you’ll be able to keep it in your car and use it with future phones.

See at Amazon

Anker PowerCore Speed Quick Charge 3 10,000mAh battery

Just like the car charger, if you’re getting a new portable battery to use with your U11 you’ll want to get one that can charge it as fast as possible. Quick Charge 3.0 comes in batteries, too, and Anker makes an awesome battery to use with your U11 or any other phone. The PowerCore Speed battery has 10,000mAh in capacity — which is enough for over two full charges of the U11 — but stays super compact because it only offers one USB output.

There are bigger batteries and ones with many more USB ports or extra features, but if you need something that’s compact, easy to carry around and will charge your U11 quickly, this is a great choice at just $35.

See at Amazon

LG Tone Ultra HBS-820 Wireless headphones


Without a headphone jack on the U11, there’s a good chance that you’d prefer using Bluetooth most of the time rather than carrying around the USB-C to 3.5 mm headphone dongle. You can find Bluetooth headphones of just about every style, size and price, so we’ve picked a pair that are very middle-of-the-road and won’t set you back too much — the LG Tone Ultra HBS-820.

You may not be the “neckbud” type, but they do have a nice balance of comfort, size, sound and battery life that save you from having big over-ear headphones or always-dead little earbuds. LG’s been one of the leaders in this category for a while, and when it comes to an all-around set of neckbuds these are great. Give the LG Tone Ultra a look — at under $75 they’re a good value if you like the form factor.

See at Amazon

Spigen Liquid Crystal HTC U11 Case


The U11 comes with a case in the box, but it’s extremely basic and gets roughed up very quickly. If you want a case that you can actually use regularly for protecting your phone, you should pick something else up. This Spigen Liquid Crystal case is thin and clear just like the case that comes in the box, but shouldn’t get scratched up in the same way and will actually protect the sides of the phones as well. Even though it covers the sides this case won’t hinder your ability to use the Edge Sense squeeze feature on the U11.

Going with a clear case lets you show off that awesome glass back of your U11 while also keeping it protected — whether you use the case every day or just when you expect it to get bumped around. And it’ll only set you back $11.

See at Amazon


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