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May 31, 2017

SoundCloud beats Spotify to Xbox One music streaming

by John_A

SoundCloud keeps expanding its influence to stay competitive with the likes of Spotify and Pandora. It borrowed $70 million last March to enhance its push into new markets, added new tiers to its subscription service, brought Chromecast streaming to iOS and continues to update its offerings with listener-friendly updates like “The Upload.” Now, the audio service is coming to Xbox One with a new app for subscribers to SoundCloud Free, Go, or Go+. A beta version of the app should also be available on Windows 10 PCs and tablets by the end of the week.

While Pandora and TuneIn apps are already available for Xbox One — along with Microsoft’s own Groove — Spotify has yet to come officially to the gaming platform. With the new app, SoundCloud users will be able to access all of their favorite tracks and new releases, play and skip tracks with Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-assistant and even pin their playlists to the XBox interface for easy access. SoundCloud is fully integrated, too, letting players listen to tunes in the background while playing games or navigating the console’s dashboard.

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