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May 27, 2017

The Morning After: Weekend Edition

by John_A

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to the weekend. If you have an extra day off, then that may provide time to catch up on our new Tomorrow section, plus the latest Google Search feature and Apple’s plan for AI.

Let’s talk about the future.Welcome to Tomorrow, the home of stuff that hasn’t happened yet


This week we launched a brand new section on Engadget, which is dedicated to bringing the future into focus. Our launch week stories have covered everything from prosthetics to binge watching to the art of nuclear war — and there’s much more to come.

You think?Apple is reportedly working on a dedicated mobile chip for AI


On-device machine learning is suddenly a highlight feature for smartphones, and unsurprisingly there are rumors Apple is going to improve the iPhone’s capabilities in that area. Google and Qualcomm have a bit of a head start in AI, but we’ve already seen the folks in Cupertino whip up dedicated hardware to boost things like motion tracking and wireless audio. It’s unclear how soon the “Apple Neural Engine” could arrive, but we’ll be looking for more information at WWDC.

Wonder what we’ll find there?Google Search has a new tab: Personal


Given how much data Google probably has accumulated about you, there’s no surprise that its latest search option is all about one person. If you take a look at the Personal search (currently available on the web for most), it will pull up results from your Gmail, Google Photos and other linked sources. It could be more convenient than switching tabs, or just when you want an NSA-level view on everything you’ve shared with big G.

Guac is still extraChipotle finds malware exposed credit card info across the US


Another day, another restaurant’s credit card systems have been hacked. This time Chipotle is up, and if you ate at one of its locations during March or April, your card information might have been exposed.

Helium, not hydrogenSergey Brin’s big airship plans

The latest set of rumors around Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s dirigible project suggests that when completed, it will be the largest flying object in the world. At 200m long, it should be easy to see when Brin takes it out for a test drive, or in normal operation splitting time between deliveries of humanitarian supplies and luxury air yacht trips for the exec’s family.

Too real to kill.Truly intelligent enemies could change the face of gaming


Using AI to create nuanced and challenging virtual rivals could make games more realistic than ever — but have we considered all the possible downsides?

But wait, there’s more…

  • Nokia’s throwback phone is too basic for 2017
  • NASA’s Juno mission discovers Jupiter is really weird
  • Bad Password: The Facebook president and Zuck’s racist rulebook
  • Everyone’s favorite useless Pokemon gets its own game
  • Microsoft’s new Surface Pro is both lighter and quieter

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