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May 19, 2017

Keep Secure with AVG Anti-virus

by John_A

Protecting your smartphone or tablet secure is easier to do than you might think. Just as you’d download a virus protection for your home computer, you can do the same with the AVG antivirus app. The anti-virus update for 2017 allows you to protect your mobile devices with this free and easy download from Google Play. You can easily secure your phone with this app from the moment it is added to your device.

Why Add Protection?

Just as your computer can be hacked and information stolen, so can your mobile devices be compromised. Someone may try to hack into the phone and make your private photos or conversations public for all to see. Others would try to steal your financial information as many people do banking on their mobile phone. By adding in this antivirus for Android mobile devices, you can rest easy knowing that your information is protected.

Features Offered

The free download offers a number of features that will help you keep your information secure. From the moment you download it, the app runs in the background silently helping your phone to kill tasks that may drain your battery life. Scans of your apps, media, and files allow you to know if there is a dangerous file on your phone and helps you to get rid of the danger.

Other features provided include helping you to track your mobile data usage, locking your phone if it is lost, tracking the phone through Google Maps to find it, and even wiping your entire device if it is lost and not to be found.

There are even more features that help you to keep all your information secure and private from those who would do you harm. The app is easily downloaded and is top-ranked among the other virus protections on Google Play.

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