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May 18, 2017

Thinking of redecorating? Don’t hire an interior designer, just use AI instead

by John_A

Why it matters to you

Why hire a person to do your interior design work when you could just use AI instead? That’s the future Planner 5D envisions.

Why hire a human to design your home when you can just hire a machine? That appears to be the future Planner5D has in mind. The interior design app is working to incorporate artificial intelligence in its platform and hopes to help users create their dream home with the tap of their screen. Because when it comes down to it, wouldn’t you rather just click a button rather than sit through a consultation?

Already, AI is proving its usefulness in a variety of industries and a report from market intelligence firm Tractica suggests that AI software application will be a $60 billion industry by 2025. From making our coffee to building our instruments, the list of things AI can’t do is growing shorter by the day. And Planner 5D wants to make sure that interior design is not on that list.

Currently, the company says that it is creating machine learning algorithms that will learn from more than 40 million real user projects. “All these projects offer an opportunity for AI to figure out the thinking process behind home design: How do people choose the place for their bed, lights, and so on,” the company explains. “This thinking process will be learned by AI and optimized.”

Certain logistical details are also being taught to Planner 5D’s AI. For example, the app wants its new software to know that a TV can’t be placed in front of a window, that a bed ought to stand adjacent to a light source, and that a couch ought to face a fireplace or some other common space in a living room. The AI is also learning the average square foot taken up by a person, the standard width of a door, and the average height of a ceiling.

“Currently, only professional designers know design rules and techniques. Our vision is to empower everyone to become interior designers with an app that combines AI with virtual reality,” says Alexey Sheremetyev, co-founder of Planner 5D. “When we connect interior design techniques with AI, we hope to surpass an average interior designer who works using ‘cookie cutter’ design methods. Later on, we might even win some interior design contests.”

So if you are looking to redecorate without hiring an expensive interior designer, you may think about looking to AI in the near future.

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