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May 18, 2017

Google Photos’ improved AI pesters you into sharing pictures

by John_A

Google is adding ways to make photo sharing from Google Photos a lot easier. And guess what, it’s powered by AI. The feature is called “Suggested Share,” which will remind you to share photos and even suggest the people you should share them with. The app will have a new sharing tab, rife with all the stuff you’ve taken and then use machine learning to who you should send them to. And to ensure sharing happens regardless of recipient, Photos uses SMS to send shareable links, no app-install required for your friends.

Shared libraries are how your photos will be shared with a certain person. You can filter by a start date for sharing, sharing photos only of specific people and the recipient will be notified periodically when new photos are uploaded as well. And, perhaps most importantly, those photos will appear in your main feed, along with photos taken by your own device.

Oh! And if you want to make your own physical photo albums, you can do that from within the app as well. Google Photos’ AI is at play here as well, picking only the best images to put into the album. A softcover book will set you back $9.99, while a hardcover book will cost double that. Pre-made albums are available as well. You can order starting today and it should only take a few days for the book to arrive.

What’s more, Google Lens is coming to the app. Meaning, AI will identify the buildings your took photos of, a phone number for the business’ sign you snapped a picture of and even identifying information from a screenshot. The new Google Photos functionality will roll out on Android and iOS in the next few weeks.

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