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April 22, 2017

Moto plugs its past, present, and future with a rap lyric video

by John_A

Oh, Moto…

I get that it’s hard to cut through the noise and get your name back out there, especially in a market that’s been dominated by Samsung and Apple, but Motorola, you’ve got the best cheap Android phone on the market. Your Moto Mods are one of the best takes on a modular phone that we’ve seen commercially.

You don’t have to come on this strong.

The 56-second video harkens back to the original cell phone call, and what its maker has done since. From the RAZR and Dynatac to the Moto Z family and all of its mods, Motorola tries to make us remember its previous highs and believe that it’s coming again with the Moto Mods and the phones they can be used with.

I’m all for a good lyric vid, and it is Flashback Friday, but c’mon, Moto. This is dad-trying-to-rap levels of trying too hard.

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