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April 22, 2017

Lutron pairs with Google Assistant to let you turn the lights on with your voice

by John_A

Why it matters to you

With more and more homeowners turning to Google Assistant and Google Home, Lutron is getting ahead of the curve by integrating their smart home lighting with the digital assistant.

If you’re in the market for smart home lighting, it may be time to think about the diverse array of lighting available from Coopersburg, Pennsylvania-based Lutron Electronics. The esteemed electronics company announced this week that its new smart home lighting systems will integrate seamlessly with Google Assistant, allowing homeowners to turn lights on and off with a simple voice command.

Specifically, Lutron announced it is integrating its Lutron Caséta Wireless, RadioRA 2, and HomeWorks QS lighting systems with Google Assistant. In addition to Google Assistant, which is integrated into Google Home, users can also access their Lutron lighting accessories via Google’s Pixel phone, as well as select Android phones and Android Wear.

The Lutron Caséta Wireless System can already access Google Assistant via Lutron’s Smart Bridge controller, while the Radio RA 2 and Homeworks QS will be available in June and connect via the company’s new Lutron Connect Bridge.

According to the company’s press release, Lutron lighting system owners can control individual lights and be able to ask if a particular light is on. Because of the integrated technology, Lutron users will be able to command Google Assistant to turn lights on or off, and the system will respond in real time.

“Lutron continues to work with best-in-class companies to enhance our customers’ connected home experience,”  Ed Blair, senior vice president of Lutron Electronics, said in a statement. “This latest integration with the Google Assistant reinforces Lutron’s leadership in the connected home space. With Google Home’s voice-powered Google Assistant, customers can interact with and direct their connected homes easier than ever, and for today’ busy families, this service is invaluable.”

Lutron’s Caséta Wireless Kits start at $99 and are available through a variety of electronics and home goods retailers, including Best Buy and Home Depot. The Lutron App for Caséta Wireless is free and available for download at Google Play and iTunes.

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