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April 21, 2017

Samsung The Frame TV will cost €2199 when it launches in May, looks like artwork

by John_A

Samsung quietly announced a new TV called The Frame recently, a television that’s designed to blend into your room and look like a piece of artwork when it’s not in use, rather than being a big old black rectangle on your wall. 

We suspect the initial announcement was rather quiet to not distract from the main push for Samsung in 2017 which is behind its QLED televisions. Talking at the IFA Global Press Conference 2017, Michael Zöller, VP of Samsung visual display in Europe declared that the talk around televisions was moving away from picture quality and becoming more about how it will fit into your life. 

That’s the real intro for The Frame, a TV about which Samsung says very little. The launch announcement contained no specs, we suspect because it’s not about specs, it’s about design and it’s about how you fit it into your life. In essence, The Frame is a lifestyle TV.

What we do know is that it uses Samsung’s “zero gap” wall mount, the system it introduced for hanging its new QLED TVs on the wall without creating a massive gap behind. The Frame, then, hangs on the wall and looks like it’s a framed piece of art. 

The Frame also uses Samsung’s Invisible Connection, the cool optical cable that connects the screen to the One Connect box that can be hidden elsewhere in the room, so that you don’t have all the normal clutter around the TV.

Zöller detailed that The Frame uses a range of sensors in its delivery, aiming to create something that has the solid look of artwork, rather than looking like a picture on a TV. Job done: having set eyes on this TV, it’s surprising how well the imagery is displayed. It’s only when you go and peer closely at it that it becomes apparent that some of the frame isn’t physical frame, it’s virtual frame.

There will be more than 100 different artworks as well as the option for different colour bezels so that you can fit it into your décor. It’s also smart, so if the TV detects that no one is in the room, it will switch off, so it’s not wasting energy.

Samsung has confirmed that The Frame will be available at €2,199 for the 55-inch model and that it will be on sale from the end of May 2017.

Details are still missing, but we’ll try to pin Samsung down on exactly what panel this TV has and what the tech specs are.

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