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April 21, 2017

Celebrate 4/20 with the dopest weed gadgets in the observable universe

by John_A

The 20th of April is here, and you’re probably asking yourself one thing. “Where did I leave the eye drops?” Jokes aside, marijuana enthusiasts across the country — nay, across the world — spend the fourth month of each year planning extravagant cannabis-themed celebrations centered around the simple act of igniting that aromatic herb, and inhaling.

As the weed industry grows, so too does the demand for ingenious gadgets designed to enhance or simplify the smoking experience. At Digital Trends, we love all kinds of technology, so we thought it would be fun to put together a list of the coolest cannabis-related gadgets on the planet. Sit back, relax, and scroll on down to find out which weed gizmos we thought were the most dope — pun intended.

Pax 3

Pax 3

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

The third iteration of Pax Labs’ eponymous handheld vaporizer is as sleek and subtle as ever, and it’s still effective for covert smoke sessions. What was dubbed by the New York Times as “the iPhone of vaporizers” lives up to its reputation, dealing out stealthy hits of THC — or CBD, if that’s your bag — in stylish fashion. The PAX 3, available in black, gold, rose gold, and silver, heats up in just about 20 seconds, and this time around it’s capable of vaping concentrates, not just flower.

The included half-pack oven means you don’t have to load huge bowls anymore, increasing the vape’s efficiency, and terpene profiles still come through extremely well. Multiple strength settings allow you to crank up the heat when a load has already been partially smoked, and the Vapor smartphone app allows you to do cool stuff like dim the lights (for maximum secrecy) or boost the heat.

The Solution

Vapor pens are all the rage. Chances are, if you don’t have one yourself, you’ve got a friend or family member with a pen that looks something like this. These pens combine the covert aesthetic of pocket vaporizers — like the PAX 3 — with the strength of concentrated oils, allowing users to get higher than ever, wherever they want. The Solution, from Portland-based Connoisseur Concentrates, aims to revolutionize the vapor pen game by flavoring these concentrates, creating a wholly new vaping experience.

Whether you prefer a particular terpene profile — Sour Diesel, maybe, or Pineapple Express — or a more traditional flavor like bubblegum, you can mix the Solution with existing concentrates to create a flavored oil.  Getting lit in public is stealthier when your vapor smells like pink lemonade, and not like, well, weed vapor. For now, you can only directly purchase The Solution in bulk (25 gram minimum), but it’s available in dispensaries across the West Coast, and the company is growing fast.

The Magical Butter Maker

Landlords and neighbors aren’t always enamored with the smell of weed. If you’re risking eviction or arrest by smoking in your house, it’s probably a good idea to explore some other methodologies. Enter the Magic Butter Maker, which “magically” turns your bud, trim, and shake into THC-infused butter, oil, or tincture. All you have to do is throw in some herb along with butter or oil — whatever you want to infuse — and, in less than a day, you’ll have cannabutter or tincture at the ready for use in cooking or other applications.

The best part? The MBM doesn’t emit the nasty smell that usually accompanies the cannabutter creation process. Plus, it’ll save you money by effectively turning low-grade trim into high-potency edibles. What’s not to like? Keep in mind: purchasing from Amazon won’t include a warranty (you’ll need to go through the official site for that), and the machine can get loud at times, so stash it in the garage while it’s working. We recommended decarboxylating your bud before throwing it in the machine.


Covert weed storage solutions are a dime a dozen, and you couldn’t be blamed for rolling your eyes at some of the goofy gizmos coming out of the industry. We assure you, though, PenSimple is no laughing matter.

This aircraft-grade aluminum shell houses a grinder and storage space for up to one gram of herb (three grams if you take out the grind teeth). The coolest part, though, is the mechanized dispensing system, which fills up your bowl (or your vape chamber, or your paper) with one quick button press. The “pen” charges via micro-USB, so if you’ve got an Android phone charger handy, you can power up your PenSimple.

Sure, $69 might seem a bit hefty, but this guy can simultaneously replace your grinder and provide you with a slick, secretive way to transport ganja.

LighterBro Pro

Are you familiar with the Swiss Army Knife? No, you say? Well, forget about the Swiss Army Knife! You didn’t need one anyway. Instead, buy a LighterBro! This stainless steel lighter sheath doesn’t just protect your treasured lighters from wear and tear. The original LighterBro has spring-action scissors, a micro screwdriver, a bottle opener, key-ring attachment, and a small (but sharp) knife for all your tiny cutting needs!

That’s just the beginning, as the LighterBro Pro is absolutely loaded with (occasionally) useful attachments. It has a ruler, hex drive sockets to turn screws both clockwise and counterclockwise, and nut grabber wrenches (this is how they’re described on the website, we swear) to loosen or tighten nuts or bolts. This is a great tool, with basically zero negative reviews. It even looks cool.


Most of the gadgets on this list are fun little weed-related toys. The LEAF “plug-n-plant” grow system, though, is a bit more serious. For $3,000 you can start your very own grow operation in a 4-by-2 foot box. The automated LEAD box functions as a miniature grow house, where you can fit two plants to yield 4-5 ounces of bud. The box contains an autonomous climate control system and an automatic nutrient dosing system, so you don’t even have to tend to the plants yourself — just throw ’em in and wait.

The BIOS 200W LED system ensures that plants will receive the correct amount of “sunlight” each day, while a mounted HD camera allows you to view the plants’ progress at any point. There’s even a mobile app where you can source grow recipes from the community, in case you’d prefer a more hands-on approach. You don’t even have to use it for weed; this bad boy can grow tomatoes, wheatgrass, kale, or nearly any other crop that’ll fit in the box. It’s not exactly a cheap toy for 4/20, but it’s very, very cool.

BeWild Watch Grinder

What time is it? If you answered “I don’t know,” this is the perfect watch for you! Yes, it tells time, using standard Quartz tech. More importantly, though, it houses a secret grinder that you can use to store and shred your favorite herbs. Oregano? Sure! Coriander? You bet! Marijuana? Only if it’s been legalized for recreational use in your state!

At under $20, this guy is actually cheaper than most dedicated grinders out there. Yeah, the teeth will probably break after you use it three or four times. Who cares, though? It’s all about the novelty, and this is definitely worth a laugh and a toke, at the very least.

VapRwear Hoodie

In the unlikely event that you’re looking for a way to make your clothes smell like pot, we’ve found the perfect solution. The VapRwear hoodie — available only for women, strangely — allows for discreet vaping anytime, anywhere. The included DLo vape system connects directly to the hoses, which run out of the hood like normal drawstrings would on a hoodie. All you have to do is attach an O.penVAPE branded cartridge and battery to the hose, and you’re good to go.

We’re not sure how exactly you’re supposed to wash the vape hose, or why the official VapRwear website doesn’t appear to have anything except a landing page, but who cares! It’s like those hoodies with the hole designed for earbuds. Entirely unnecessary, yet somehow extremely cool.


Growing anything is a delicate undertaking that requires both dedication and careful planning, but growing marijuana is a next-level endeavor, with so many different strains and variables in play. If you’re an aspiring grower — or, hell, even if you’ve had a green thumb (again, pun intended) for years — the GrowBuddy mobile app, available for iOS and Android, can revolutionize your methodology and your results.

The app features a ton of tools dedicated to helping you catalog your grow schedules and plans, including a nutrient calculator and automatic data syncing between all your devices. The app also links to a huge marketplace where you can procure seeds, lights, pesticides, and anything else you might need to grow your dream strain. The GrowBuddy website even features a Q&A forum where enterprising botanists can link up with one another to discuss what works and what doesn’t work. With GrowBuddy, you can work smarter and harder.

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