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April 20, 2017

Maximize typing accuracy, comfort with KrBn mechanical keyboard, now 74% off

by John_A

There are many reasons to upgrade to a mechanical keyboard, not the least of which are increased accuracy and tactile feedback while typing. This is especially true for gamers who demand more precision from their PC accessories than modern rubber dome keyboards can provide. Full-sized models like the KrBn mechanical keyboard feature integrated hand rests as well, offering even more comfort for long gaming and work sessions.

The KrBn mechanical keyboard utilizes blue switches which are similar to Cherry MX Green switches. These mechanical units feature a medium level of stiffness and both tactile and auditory feedback with their “clicky” sound and feel. This gives you improved accuracy for rapid keystrokes and a more satisfying touch response compared to rubber dome keyboards, which can often feel mushy and imprecise.

KrBn mechanical keyboardAlong with the integrated palm rest, KrBn’s mechanical keyboard features flip-up feet for a more comfortable wrist angle and ergonomically-designed suspended concave keycaps, an improvement over other models with completely flat surfaces or chiclet keys. The KrBn keyboard is backlit as well, with nine different LED color configurations which let you create a stunning desktop environment and easily type in the dark.

Rubber feet on the bottom of the keyboard keep it from sliding around on your desk, while the water-resistant design features four holes on the base to allow liquids to drain out without ruining the components — a great feature to have in case of unfortunate spills. All 104 keys contain frosted molded letters that won’t fade or rub off with continued use.

The KrBn mechanical keyboard is well-reviewed with a 4.6-star rating from users on Amazon. This model retails for $250 but Amazon is currently offering it on sale for just $65, giving you an impressive 74 percent discount. Included with the keyboard are a handy keycap puller and three spare blue switches which allow you to repair or replace broken or damaged keys if necessary.

$65 on Amazon

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