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April 20, 2017

Are you jumping from a Pixel to a Galaxy S8 or G6?

by John_A


It may seem silly to jump from phone to phone, but some people are thinking of switching from the Pixel to the Galaxy S8 or LG G6. Are you?

The Pixel is only six months old, but there are plenty of owners looking toward the next big thing, be it from Google itself in the form of a Pixel sequel, or Samsung’s and LG’s latest salvos, the Galaxy S8 and G6, respectively.

Over on our forums, Aquila asks, “Ok Pixel owners – the S8 is here. Who’s jumping ship?” Obviously, not everyone has the luxury to switch phones every six months, but some are taking their disgust at the idea one step further:

03-30-2017 10:05 AM

I wouldnt touch an S8 if i got one for free, their cartoony childish ui and bug ridden release day mess of the OS, camera and other problems is annoying and, like Apple.. they are overpriced rubbish.. SS tell you its glass, but its really plastic and cardboard..

Ive owned every single SS flasgship since the orignal Galaxy… through the S2, S3 > S5 > S7E… and EVERY one of them had lagg or…


Wooboy, that’s some strong language. But it’s not all the uncommon. Samsung engenders a very emotional response from some people, and Pixel owners tend to like the simplicty and fast updates of Google’s interpretation of Android.

03-30-2017 11:45 AM

I’m really thinking about jumping from my Pixel XL. I love my Pixel and hate edge screens but I can get a great trade in deal on my old S6 on Verizon plus I’m really liking the idea of Samsung Pay. Android Pay is great when I can use it but there are so few places that take it. The waterproofing and wireless charging are enticing too.


But there are people who love the Galaxy S8’s hardware advantages over the Pixel, including waterproofing, and the support for Samsung Pay, which is considerably more widely-available in the U.S. than Android Pay.

04-04-2017 04:21 AM

Well . . . I bought a Pixel only a week ago. Loved it, was excited about the camera. Took some photos at the weekend. WTF! That lens flare! Any time there was a light source in front of the phone I got flare – either an arc of white or a misty effect over the whole photo. I’m not talking of the light source in the frame either. I took a pic of a family member sitting on a chair in front of a…


Finally, one user is giving up on the Pixel for an S8 because of its lens flare issue, which despite being improved through software updates, is still an issue for some people.

Are you giving up your Pixel for a Galaxy S8 or LG G6?

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