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April 19, 2017

This latest iPhone 8 schematic shows rear-mounted Touch ID sensor

by John_A

It seems Apple could be designing and testing several prototypes for the upcoming iPhone 8, if the latest schematic drawing is to be believed. It comes courtesy of Sonny Dickson, who has leaked news about Apple products in the past, and the drawing itself looks pretty legitimate.

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The drawing is of the rear casing of the iPhone 8, and shows a rear-mounted Touch ID sensor. This contradicts a schematic and render we recently reported on, which showed a Touch ID sensor embedded into the glass display.

With the renders being an artist’s impression, and Sonny Dickson’s leak looking more like the real deal, coupled with the fact most phone manufacturers are now leaning towards a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, we’re inclined to take some serious note of this latest leak. Of course, we’d love to see if Apple can in fact embed a sensor in the front of the glass display.

However, it could be a port to fit a wireless charging receiver, as wireless charging has been a feature that’s been rumoured for the new model for quite some time.

The drawing also shows a vertical camera array, which is something that matches up with the other schematic drawing leaked this week. The vertical array is said to have been chosen because there isn’t enough space in the top section of the phone to fit the components because of the camera and 3D depth sensors on the front of the iPhone.

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The drawing shows other features that match up with previous iPhones, such as the power and volume switches, mute switch, dual speakers on the bottom and the Lightning connector. As with any leak and rumour, we have to take it with a pinch of salt for now, but this latest one makes predicting what the iPhone 8 will look like a whole lot harder.

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