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April 13, 2017

Motorola Announces i710 Mobile Phone

by John_A

From Motorola’s press release:

Motorola, Inc. today announced the Motorola i710, a new mobile device designed to appeal to small and medium sized business owners desiring a more affordable, user-friendly handset for their workforces. Sleek and stylish without being complicated, the Motorola i710 flip phone offers Motorola’s iDEN push-to-talk technology, enabling users to communicate instantly at the touch of a button.

“The Motorola i710 mobile phone is an economical, yet feature-rich solution allowing users to stay connected like never before,“ said Rey More’, senior vice president and general manager, Motorola’s iDEN Subscriber Group. “The Motorola i710 can enable users to work more efficiently through many user-friendly features our customers have come to expect.â€

These features include:

Java technology business applications GPS technology, allowing users to track fleets, simplify routes, and obtain the quickest directions mobile messaging services, giving users convenient, one-screen access to voice mail messages, text messages and quick notes brilliant internal color display datebook 600-entry contacts list integrated speakerphone voice dialing voice recorder wait and pause dialing for quicker access to telephone systems with passwords

The Motorola i710 weighs 5.06 ounces and measures 3.67 x 2.04 x 1.08 inches. It is available through Nextel Communications and Southern LINC in the United States.

For more details and specifications, visit Motorola’s Website.

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