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January 31, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 “confirmed” for MWC reveal, Samsung’s iPad rival less than a month away

by John_A

We haven’t long heard about the specs that Samsung’s latest iPad rival is expected to come with, and now there’s strong evidence to suggest all will be revealed at Mobile World Congress in February.

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Japanese news site Naver has quoted an official Samsung spokesman as saying: “This week we will the distribute an Invitation Letter to MWC 2017 to Global Media”. We know the invite doesn’t refer to the Galaxy S8 smartphone, as that isn’t expected until at least March…or April, depending on which rumour you believe. The news site also states the incoming tablet will be unveiled on 26 February, the day before the show officially begins and the same day LG is expected to reveal the G6 flagship smartphone.

Considering we haven’t heard much in the way of any other devices from the South Korean tech giant, it’s logical to assume the invite refers to the Galaxy Tab S3.

The site goes on to say there will indeed be two models of the Tab S3, the LTE version – model number SM-T820 – and a Wi-Fi only version – model number SM-T825. Both will come with 9.6-inch 2048 x 1536 displays and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processors, a spec that marries up with a recent GFXBench posting.

The rear camera will be 12-megapixels while the front will be limited to 5, and RAM is expected to come in at 4GB. The price is also reported to be 700,000 Won when it’s released in March, which at the time of writing converts to £484 or $608, so it won’t exactly be cheap.

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With slightly more concrete evidence as to the Galaxy Tab S3’s existence and release date, we have just under a month to see the final product in Barcelona.

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