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January 31, 2017

Google launching new security features for G Suite admins

by John_A

It isn’t fun, but data security is of the utmost importance in big companies.

Google’s enterprise-focused application offering, G Suite, is getting new tools that certainly won’t be considered sexy from the end-user perspective but will have network admins and CTOs jumping for joy. The new features are all centered around security, and more importantly keeping sensitive company data locked up tight inside the company while still visible and usable to employees who need it.


Though G Suite customers have had the ability to use a physical security key as part of a two-step systems, but now admins have the ability to force the use of something like a YubiKey for all company sign-in activity. In turn, admins will be able to manage the deployment of those security keys and see reports on their usage.

Accidents can happen, but with this system they won’t turn into disasters.

Once employees are logged in and have access to sensitive corporate data, it’s imperative that it stays inside the system. Google is now implementing DLP (Data Loss Prevention) in Google Drive in the same way it originally implemented it in Gmail. With these new tools, admins can identify sensitive data using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and secure it before it is accidentally shared outside the company.

At a higher level, G Suite is expanding its logging to include preconfigured BigQuery integration for Gmail so admins can troubleshoot issues and see where email is headed throughout the company. Google is also announcing third-party email archiving, making it easy to back up email that was previously managed outside of the Gmail system and have it stored in Google Vault right alongside your other internal email.

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