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January 27, 2017

Sprint takes aim at Verizon with unlimited deal for Big Red (and other) customers

by John_A

Why accept limits when limitless is an option? That appears to be the question Sprint is posing to Verizon customers as it offers a new deal to Big Red defectors (and everyone else) — if you make the switch to Sprint, you’ll be able to get unlimited data, talk, and text for $50 per month.

The more lines you add, in fact, the merrier, as Sprint will continue to slash the prices of an unlimited data plan as you continue to bring it new business. For two unlimited lines, you’ll pay $90 a month for both, and each additional line will cost you just $30.

Taking aim directly at Verizon’s new 5GB plan, Sprint is drawing attention to just how little 5GB might be for someone who uses their phone for Netflix viewing, Spotify streaming, and YouTube browsing. Indeed, the Kansas-based carrier notes, seven episodes of House of Cards on Netflix consumes 5GB of data, as Netflix eats up to 3GB per hour with HD viewing. 5GB only allows for around two hours a day per month to stream from Tidal, and YouTube requires around 1.5GB per hour. “I would use up my 5GB allotment in just under three and a half hours,” Sprint said.

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If these stats around data usage concern you, you may want to check out Sprint’s full breakdown of just how much data you’re burning through with normal usage of your smartphone. One hour of web browsing, for example, is estimated to take up 50Mb.

Checking your email every day takes up 150Mb per month, whereas daily instant messaging on WhatsApp, Messenger, or a similar service requires 250Mb per day. Music streaming requires 100Mb per hour, and streaming a video gobbles up an impressive 1Gb per hour. So yeah — your data really isn’t going that far.

Of course, Sprint wants to keep you from carefully hoarding your data, but its deal is only good for four days, beginning January 27.

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