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January 19, 2017 brings the popular browser game to Android (Review)

by John_A

Overview: is a port of the popular browser game of the same name. While it can be a challenging multiplayer experience, it’s simple and fun to play over and over again.

Developer: Lowtech Studios

Cost: Free (With ads, $3.99 ad-free version)

Impressions: is already a well-established and popular browser game on desktop computers. It is similar to a few other games, like and that involve a competitive online multiplayer game based around growing your character by consuming other players. In, you play as a worm or snake-like creature which you guide with your finger, to collect orbs to grow while trying to defeat other players by making them collide with you without being defeated yourself. The main objective is to reach the top of the leaderboard and survive for as long as possible. is a simplistic game with cutesy graphics and basic one finger gameplay. There is a bit of customization involved, with skins based on flags, colors, and other silly things to make your worm stand out. The real challenge in comes from outmaneuvering and outplaying others in order to make them destroy themselves and allow you to absorb them. The game can be downright infuriating at times, with large players dominating the map for long periods and aggressive people out to get the smaller players. However, it’s very addicting and offers a sense of sweet victory when you defeat someone and use their remaining energy to grow. Thankfully the game also offers an AI mode if you don’t want to play online with others.

1 of 3 offers a few different control schemes if the default one is too difficult for you. There is a joystick mode, which allows you to steer with an on-screen joystick and two different drag modes where you guide with the tip of your finger. There is also a boost mode that consumes energy to speed up, which can be used in different ways to either attack or survive.

There isn’t too much to, besides its simplistic concept and harsh challenge at times. Compared to similar “.io” games, it’s one of the least complex but definitely one of the more fun ones to play. Thankfully there are no microtransactions to speak of, but there are ads. The ads themselves are harmless, but there is a “premium” no ads version of the game for $3.99 which is laughable seeing as the game doesn’t have egregious ad placement and the desktop version is exactly the same and 100% free. Do yourselves a favor and don’t bother with the paid version at all as it offers no added value unless you truly hate advertisements. Also, sometimes the connection when playing online can lag and cause stutter which may inadvertently cause you to die. An unfortunate situation but understandable when dealing with a large-scale multiplayer game spanning hundreds of players at once.


I really like I’ve played both the desktop and now the Android version and it is a satisfying game when you do well, and offers a challenge that few games of this caliber can offer especially on mobile. I’d recommend it to anyone but younger kids may have a hard time and also the player nicknames can sometimes be a bit NSFW, so be wary of that if you let your kids play. Solid game, be sure to check it out!

Download on the Google Play Store

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