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January 18, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: What’s the rumoured difference?

by John_A

Samsung and LG are both set to launch their new flagship smartphones in the next couple of months. Despite LG going for a more innovative route in 2016 with its modular device, ultimately Samsung was the company with the more appealing devices.

Will it be the same story in 2017 though? Here is how the Samsung Galaxy S8 is looking against the LG G6, based on the leaks and rumours.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Release date

  • LG G6 could be out around six weeks before Galaxy S8
  • G6 rumoured for a March released, S8 for April

Rumour has it the LG G6 will launch a couple of months before the Samsung Galaxy S8. LG’s next flagship is said to be appearing at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which takes place at the end of February, while Samsung is reported to be hosting a separate event for the S8 around mid April, steering clear of the show.

It’s been claimed the S8 will hit shelves sale in April, while the G6 is said to be going on sale on 10 March. The Samsung event is claimed to be around 15 or 18 April, so the G6 could be available nearly six weeks before its South Korean rival. There have also been reports of an MWC launch for Samsung though, as well as 29 March. 

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Design

  • Premium designs expected for both
  • Both expected to be waterproof 
  • G6 expected to keep headphone jack, S8 expected to ditch it

Leaks suggest the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature an all-screen front with very slim bezels and no physical home button. It’s not clear from the rumours if the metal and glass sandwich will remain intact for the S8, but expect a very premium build.

The LG G6 is said to be ditching the modular design that arrived with 2016’s G5. It has been suggested the new flagship will feature a rear made of glass or a highly reflective metallic material, whilst also offering waterproofing, which Samsung’s S8 will also no doubt offer.

The G6 is also said to be coming with a big screen and small body, suggesting both these flagships will be all about their screens. The S8 is said to be ditching the headphone jack, though it is thought the G6 will retain it.

The G6 is also rumoured to be coming with an iris scanner on the front, something Samsung’s Note 7 offered. An iris scanner hasn’t been specifically rumoured for the S8, though it would make sense for Samsung to carry over the tech, especially if the fingerprint sensor disappears from the front.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Display

  • S8 rumoured to have 5.7-inch, 5.5-inch or 5.2-inch curved display
  • 2K or 4K resolution rumoured for S8
  • G6 confirmed to be coming with 5.7-inch Quad HD+ LCD display

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumoured to be coming with a 5.7-inch display, alongside a Plus device that is rumoured to sit at 6.2-inches. There have also been reports of 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch screens though so the size is currently up in the air.

Resolution is also still an uncertain topic. Rumour has it Samsung will adopt a 4K resolution, like the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, while others have said it will retain a 2K display but that it will be better than the S7 for virtual reality. It is also thought to be curved like the S7 edge and it is likely to be Super AMOLED.

The LG G6 on the other hand is confirmed to be coming with a 5.7-inch LCD display. It will offer a 2880 x 1440 Quad HD+ resolution for a pixel density of 564ppi, along with an ultra wide aspect ratio of 18:9.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Camera

  • Dual-rear camera rumoured for S8 and expected for G6
  • S8 could come with autofocus on front camera
  • G6 could have combined iris scanner and front camera

Some reports have suggested Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will have a dual-rear camera comprising a 12-megapixel sensor and a 13-megapixel sensor, coupled with an 8-megapixel front-facing camera with autofocus. Other reports have suggested a 30-megapixel sensor with OIS, along with a 9-megapixel front camera.

Rumours have been thin on the ground when it comes to the LG G6’s camera, though we’d expect LG to retain the dual-camera setup that worked so well for the company on the G5. There has been a suggestion of the front-facing camera also incorporating the rumoured iris scanner, but we have yet to hear anything in terms of megapixels or features.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Hardware

  • Both likely to have USB Type-C
  • G6 should have Qualcomm SD835 chip, as should some S8 devices
  • S8 thought to be coming with 4200mAh battery

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is thought to be coming with either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, or the Exynos 8895 processor, which will presumably depend on region, as it did with the S7. There has also been talk of 6GB or 8GB of RAM, along with 64GB and 128GB storage options, both of which should have microSD.

The LG G6 will also probably launch with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, along with at least 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage with microSD. Rumours haven’t detailed the hardware predictions for the LG device but we’d expect these numbers as a minimum.

Both devices should offer USB Type-C and we’d also hope to see wireless charging on both models. The S8 is said to be coming with a 4200mAh battery, but no reports have indicated what the G6 will offer.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Software

  • Both expected to launch on Android Nougat
  • S8 to come with personal assistant 

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6 will both launch on Android Nougat with each company’s software skins over the top.

At the moment, it is not clear what unique features each of these flagships will offer, though it has been confirmed that the Galaxy S8 will have its own personal assistant Viv on board.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Price

  • LG G6 likely to be cheaper

The Samsung Galaxy S7 launched with a price tag of £639, while the LG G5 cost around the £500 mark.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see each company stick to similar prices for the new flagships, meaning LG will most likely undercut Samsung by around £100.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: Conclusion

Nothing is confirmed, other than the display for the LG G6, so it’s difficult to tell which of these two devices offers the most promise.

Both the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 will likely offer similar processing power, along with premium designs featuring big screens and small bodies. Based on 2015’s flagships from the two companies, we’d also expect great cameras on both the new models.

It’s also likely the G6 will be cheaper than the S8, but which device will offer the nicest design, the best display or the most exciting features remains to be seen for now.

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