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January 9, 2017

Ring Floodlight Cam preview: Smart, bright security system to scare intruders away

by John_A

Ring has had great success with its camera-enabled doorbell over the last year, so much so that it is expanding its product portfolio to now include a clever security cam and spotlight system that will hopefully keep intruders away.

The Ring Floodlight Cam comprises a camera unit and two decent sized LED spotlights. It is touted as the world’s first security camera with motion sensing and the lights built in, plus a silent alarm and two-way talk.

The latter is a similar feature to the one on Ring’s doorbells, where you can talk through a built-in speaker to someone in the camera’s vicinity. Unlike the doorbells though, this is more likely to be only used to scare off intruders, rather than chat to the postman too.

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The camera captures 1080p Full HD video and has night vision. It notifies a phone or tablet through a dedicated app when it detects motion within a 270-degree field of view. There are even facial recognition capabilities, so ensures the face of an intruder is shown clearly.

When motion is detected, you will be notified on your mobile device and can then choose to speak to the intruder and/or start a 110-decibel siren alarm. The 3,000 lumens LED floodlights can be set to go on automatically or you can control them through the app too.

The app is available for iOS, Android, Windows 10 and Mac. It’s the same app as the one that controls a Ring doorbell.

The Floodlight Cam is available in white or black and we can safely tell you, from standing underneath one, that the spotlights are mighty bright.

It’ll be available from April this year, priced at £229, and you can also opt to pay for all captured video to be stored in the cloud at £2.50 a month for a single camera, or £24.99 annually.

Ring is also making its Ring Pro doorbell available in the UK, with units shipping any day now. It also costs £229 and adds 5GHx Wi-Fi and 1080p video to the feature set of the existing Ring. It is also slimmer and you can change the housing to match its surroundings.

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