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December 31, 2016

Recommended Reading: Some suggestions for Twitter in 2017

by John_A

A Billion Dollar
Gift for Twitter

Anil Dash,

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asked the masses this week what the company should focus on in 2017. After a year filled with harassment issues and the failure to court a buyer, the next few months will be very important for Twitter’s future. Tech entrepreneur and blogger Anil Dash penned some suggestions for the company and the list would be a great place for Dorsey to start in January.

‘Duck Dynasty’ vs. ‘Modern Family’: 50 Maps of the US Cultural Divide
Josh Katz, The New York Times

Sure, this is more looking than reading, but The New York Times’ “Upshot” examines how the TV shows we watch are so closely linked with political divisions.

The Farmer Who Built Her Own Broadband
Zoe Kleinman, BBC

What happens in a rural community when internet connectivity isn’t the best? Well, one farmer bought fiber-optic cable and fixed the issue herself. Now the folks in Lancashire have faster internet than the average speeds for the UK as a whole.

Midnight in a Perfect World
Justin Sayles, The Ringer

We may have missed this when it was posted a few weeks ago, but DJ Shadow and other artists discuss what it’s like to go crate diving in the digital age.

Ninterview: Learning Retro Secrets with a Former Nintendo Game Play Counselor
Darren Calvert, Nintendo Life

Yes, this is technically a repost, but we couldn’t resist Nintendo Life’s interview with Game Play Counselor Erich Waas.

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