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December 21, 2016

AT&T offers to help its customers avoid spam calls for free

by John_A

Let AT&T do the spam fighting for you.


Spammers are still a thing, which is why AT&T has launched Call Protect to help existing customers manage unwanted phone calls.

The feature enables automatic blocking of fraudulent phone numbers and warns you of suspected spam calls, though it’s worth noting the latter only works if you’re in an HD Voice cover area. To enable the Call Protect, simply add it through the myAT&T account app or start here.

There are already a plethora of apps in the Play Store that offer a feature like this — Should I Answer? is one of my favorite. But this is a good feature to keep in mind when you’re back at home visiting the folks. Older phone users may not be aware that they can protect themselves from preying companies, so you might considering signing Mom and Dad up for something that works in the backend rather than an app that pops up various notifications and the like.

If you aren’t on AT&T and you wish you had the same feature, download the aforementioned Should I Answer? and get it revved and ready to go. And if you’re simply not into the idea of installing an app that does this, remember that some Android devices have spam notification abilities built-in, too.

If you or someone you know is an AT&T subscriber and you want to know how to enable this feature, start here.

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