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December 9, 2016

Twitch gamers will stream from the White House next week

by John_A

A host of popular Twitch streamers will emerge from their poster-walled bedrooms next week to give President Obama a masterclass in clutch plays. On Monday, December 12th, Monster-guzzling gaming celebs will huddle around screens at the president’s Washington D.C. residence for the “White House Competitive Gaming Event.” A four-hour livestream starting at 4PM ET will broadcast all the casual and competitive action, with highlights of the first White House LAN party to include a pro-am Rocket League showmatch featuring members of NRG eSports, and a Street Fighter V clash between US fighting game legend Justin Wong and people’s champion Mike Ross, commentated by none other than PogChamp himself. We believe in you, Mike.

The special event isn’t simply an excuse for Barracks Obama to hang out with his favorite streamers before leaving office, though. Instead, it’s intended to “raise awareness about the importance of health insurance” ahead of the December 15th deadline to enroll or change plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace, before coverage starts on January 1st 2017.

Before and during his presidency, Obama has reached out to gamers several times, with this special Twitch event being the latest example of the White House going to where the community is (though it’s kind of the other way around this time). As a 2008 candidate, he campaigned in Burnout Paradise and several other games, popping back up in the menus of various EA titles in 2012 while chasing re-election.

Obama has long been an advocate of responsible gaming, urging parents not to let their kids spend too much time glued to screens. That’s not to say he doesn’t enjoy a session himself on occasion, and he was apparently a bit of a dab hand at Wii Bowling in his day. More recently, he’s been spending a bit of time playing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but it appears he’s not the biggest fan of the latest installment in the popular FPS franchise.

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