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December 6, 2016

Samsung Gear S3 gets custom designer watch bands

by John_A

Samsung is partnering with two designer watch band companies to offer custom bands for the new Gear S3 line.

Strap Studio and SLG Design are now offering leather and canvas bands between $29 and $109 depending on the style, color and material, compatible with both the Gear S3 Classic and Frontier.


Of course, both watches are compatible with any 22mm band, irrespective of material or color, but these bands were designed to fit with the specific lug shape of the oversized smartwatch. In his review, Android Martonik said that the Gear S3 was great at doing a lot, but had the potential of putting off people with smaller wrists:

Samsung is walking the line of alienating a large portion of the population who just want a smaller, simpler smartwatch that gets the basics done, looks nice and fits on those with average-sized wrists. There’s no doubt that Samsung is doing the most out of any company with a single wrist-bound wearable, but is it trying to do too much?

While these designs may not overcome that issue entirely, some of them are certainly fashionable enough to tip certain buyers over the edge.

The bands are available through the companies’ websites in all countries, and through Samsung directly in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico.

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