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December 6, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8 “confirmed” to ditch headphone jack and retain 2K display

by John_A

It feels like we’re getting a new Samsung Galaxy S8 rumour every day lately, with more and more leaks divulging what the upcoming phone will feature. We’ve even heard fresh news to suggest the upcoming smartphone will feature dual stereo speakers made in collaboration with Harman following Samsung’s recent acquisition. The latest rumours revolve around the charging port and the display.

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Sammobile has cited reliable sources that say the Galaxy S8 will come with a USB Type-C port for charging and audio. The Galaxy Note 7 also used USB Type-C for charging, but because that met its untimely demise, Samsung is keen to continue to offer the technology with next S-series.

Sammobile also claims it knows for sure that there will be no 3.5mm headphone jack on the S8 either. It’s a similar move to what Apple did with the iPhone 7 and some Chinese smartphone manufacturers are doing with their devices. While it could be considered a disadvantage initially, not being able to use your current headphones without an adapter, there are benefits to losing the traditional headphone jack.

By removing it, Samsung will be able to make the Galaxy S8 thinner and install a larger battery. It will also mean the Type-C port can output digital audio which should in theory provide better quality sound to your ears.

We heard back in September that Samsung was looking to develop its own bespoke headphone jack, but that now appears to not be the case.

Fresh rumours surrounding the display of the S8 have surfaced as well. Until now, it’s been widely accepted that the S8 will come with a 4K display, but Sammobile has once again cited reliable sources that claim it will in fact feature a 2K display like its predecessor, but it will be of a higher quality.

The screen of the S8 is said to have over 3,500,000 more pixels than the Galaxy S7 Edge, but keep the same 2560 x 1440 resolution, which should deliver a sharper image that will work well with virtual reality headsets.

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With no native 4K content available for smartphones at the moment, a 4K display on the S8 could have been a bad move on Samsung’s part, as anything displayed on it would have to be upscaled, which would affect the overall quality and drain battery life. Sticking with a higher quality 2K display, coupled with a possible larger battery, is a much more appealing proposition.

It’s highly likely we’ll see the Samsung Galaxy S8 unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February 2017 and it’s certainly shaping up to be one hell of a phone.

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