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December 6, 2016

Mint adds payment tracking so you’ll never pay a late fee again

by John_A

Missing even one bill payment can have serious repercussions for your credit. Not only does doing so ding your score, it can also invoke penalty and overdraft fees, as well as boost the interest rates on your account. In fact, Americans on the whole spend more than $77 billion in penalties annually for missing their Due By dates. Mint, the personal finance management app from Intuit, aims to reduce those costly mistakes with a helpful new update for its mobile users: unified bill and payment tracking.

So rather than rely on calendar reminders and post-it notes like some people (*raises hand*), these new features will integrate all of your outstanding debt structure into Mint’s architecture so you can see exactly where your money needs to go, all in one screen. And when you have all of that information sitting in front of you, it’s much easier to remember to pay up.

And if that isn’t enough incentive, Mint can also push reminder notifications with both the bill amount and due date to your mobile device. You can even make payments directly from that notification so you have no excuse not to, aside from a lack of funds. What’s more, if you link the app to your checking account, Mint lets you pay an unlimited number of bills — fee-free — every month. Best of all, the entire process in handled within the Mint app so you don’t have to remember logins for a bunch of different websites. As you build up your credit history, Mint will show you how that affects your overall credit score through real-time updates from all three major credit bureaus.

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