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December 1, 2016

Don’t Have Insurance? There’s still a way to repair your phone

by John_A

You know how it is: you’ve put some time and effort into researching just which is the best phone for you, you’ve found where to snag the best deal and you’re signing up when the sales guy asks, “Do you want insurance with that?”

You’ve  done your budget  tightly and you don’t have more to spare for something you might never use. Or maybe you said no because you didn’t quite trust it, because the amount you’d have to pay in the event of a claim was too steep, say.

Cut to six months, or one month, or one hour later when you drop your prized device.

So what are your options?

Don’t beat yourself up (the way you’ve just accidentally beat up your phone). You made a good decision at the time, now you just need to make a better one to get your device repaired.

That means not making do with the damaged machine you’re gently cradling. A little scratch will still draw  bigger damage to the glass front, for instance, can mean it’ll take the skin off your ear when you make a call.

A broken phone is a real pain and a true problem in our hyper-connected, but it can be sorted quickly and professionally. Smart device repair company iCracked has a solution for you. . Even though they are a repair company themselves, iCracked suggests you first chat with the people at the Apple Store to see if you are possibly still covered under warranty.You don’t have insurance, but does your iPhone  have Apple Care? Even if the answer’s no, depending on how the device broke, a visit to an Apple Store could mean it’s fixed for you, sometimes free.


Although iCracked are huge fans of Apple and the services they offer, they sometimes aren’t the most convenient. In larger markets, the average wait time for a repair with the Genius Bar is over five days. Your iPhone is the remote control of your life; holding bank info, kid’s schedules, everything. If it breaks, you’re in trouble and you don’t have five days to wait around to get it repaired.

If you do manage to book a timely appointment, remember it’s good to be honest with the guys at the Apple Store: they’ve seen it all before and if you say the phone never got wet but they find evidence of water on the liquid indicators inside the iPhone, it won’t bode well.

If the phone is in truly bad shape, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. That’s where iCracked comes in. iCracked lives to fix smartphones and they are some of the best in the business. Its team of fixers, called iTechs, are experienced and knowledgeable. Every iTech in the nationwide network has undergone extensive training and background checks, ensuring you’re getting the best of the best.

There are 5,000 over them in hundreds of cities. They are efficient, quick and effective. Best of all, they come to you to perform the fix onsite, and you can choose from home, office or even your favorite coffee shop for the repair.

Even better, they’ll come quickly so in no time your phone is back on the road again (well, not literally, that’s where the whole problem began). And a prompt fix is better than most insurance companies can boast.

So, if you’re looking for fast, friendly reliable and professional smartphone repair, look no further. iCracked has you covered.  

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