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November 16, 2016

Pinterest highlights curated content with new Explore tool

by John_A

After an update last week attempted to keep us all organized, Pinterest has now given its users a new way to get inspired. Following the current trend of apps pushing curated content, Pinterest has jumped on the bandwagon with its new Explore section.

A lot of the features in Explore already existed on Pinterest; today’s update is all about putting them in one place. Upon clicking Explore, you’ll be greeted by a new series of personal recommendations every day. These featured picks are either based on your Pinterest browsing history to date, or if you fancy a change, these can be swapped with different topics.

Rather than just showing you the small scope of topics you’re interested in, Explore gives you a glimpse into what’s currently trending across Pinterest. If you’re after tips on a more specific subject, selecting a topic will instantly show you its trending boards too.

Explore won’t just be showing you algorithmically sourced content from other Pinterest users. This new section will also compile featured picks from a mixture of brands, influencers and Pinterest employees. Yet that’s not the only major change brought by this update, as Pinterest now supports native, auto-playing videos into the platform. Among these videos are of course the inevitable ads, with companies like American Express and Sony Pictures already utilizing the platform.

Source: Pinterest

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