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November 15, 2016

Marvel’s ‘The Inhumans’ will premiere in IMAX before its TV debut

by John_A

Marvel is turning The Inhumans into a TV series for ABC, but it will premiere on a screen much bigger than that 65-inch mammoth in your living room. The first two episodes of the series, shot entirely with IMAX digital cameras, will be exclusively shown in IMAX theaters worldwide for two whole weeks before the show starts airing on the network. Since they want you to rewatch those two episodes on ABC anyway — unlike Marvel’s Netflix titles, The Inhumans is a weekly show — the network will air exclusive scenes not included in the cinematic versions. Marvel TV, its parent company Disney and IMAX are co-financing the project, and its success could lead to similar tactics for future titles.

The Inhumans will feature a group of scientific test subjects who developed superpowers and now live as an extraterrestrial society outside the planet. We still don’t know which characters will show up, but we’ll likely hear more about the show before it starts airing. It will premiere in IMAX in early September 2017 and will begin airing on ABC in the fall.

Source: Marvel

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