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November 4, 2016

Nintendo games consoles from 1980 to now: Which is your favourite?

by John_A

Nintendo will launch the Switch games console at the beginning of spring 2017, reportedly on 17 March, 32 years after it introduced its first home games console, the Nintendo Entertainment System.

It is also about to release a mini version of the latter machine, pre-installed with 30 of its most loved games, essentially reminding people of the company’s humble beginnings.

However, the NES wasn’t Nintendo’s first consumer games machine, that accolade belongs to the handheld series Game & Watch, although it has come on leaps and bounds since then. Literally, in Mario’s case.

Game & Watch was a series of handhelds that only played a single game, and had either a clock, an alarm or in some cases, both. There were no cartridges or other games to download. Indeed, there was no internet to download them from. You bought a single game and stuck to it.

In the following years, Nintendo carved a niche for itself by being the quirky console manufacturer. Compared to the likes of Sony, Sega and Microsoft, it always took gaming in an odd but satisfying direction. And because of that that it became a company you can’t help but love.

We’ve taken a look back at Nintendo’s illustrious history, which has provided us with some of the most iconic games consoles and not to mention some of the greatest games franchises of all time.

Just have a flick through the gallery above to see all of the machines we have such fond memories for.

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