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November 4, 2016

LG G6: What’s the story so far?

by John_A

LG’s next flagship smartphone will probably be called the G6, and it will probably appear in the first few months of 2017.

Rumours have already started to appear speculating about what features the successor of last year’s modular smartphone will offer, as well as what features it might miss off.

This is everything we know about the LG G6 so far.

LG G6: Release date and price

  • Launch at MWC 2017 expected
  • Probably on shelves from April 2017

LG typically announces a new flagship smartphone in the first half of the year. The G5 was announced at Mobile World Congress at the beginning of March, while the G2, G3 and G4 all launched at separate events a couple of months after MWC.

Nothing has been confirmed as yet, but we would place our bets on a 26 February launch for the G6, which is the Sunday before MWC kicks off and the same day as Samsung is expected to announce its new flagship smartphone.

The LG G5 arrived on shelves in April, as did its predecessor so we’d expect a similar timeframe for the G6. We’d also expect it to remain a little cheaper than its competitors, sitting around the £500 mark, like the G5.

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LG G6: Design

  • Modular design of G5 rumoured to be ditched for G6
  • Glass rear reported for G6
  • Iris scanner suggested

The LG G5 launched with a modular design and a range of modules, or Friends as LG called them. A report from Korea’s Electronic Times has claimed LG is scrapping the modular idea for the G6 smartphone though.

It’s also been claimed the company will opt for a tempered glass rear for the LG G6, over the painted aluminium finish of the G5. This would hopefully make the G6 feel more premium to the company’s preceding flagships, but it would also allow for wireless charging.

The G5 had a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor but whether the G6 will offer the same positioning remains to be seen for now. It has been claimed the new device might come with an iris scanner on the front, something the Samsung Note 7 featured, but nothing has been confirmed of course.

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LG G6: Display

  • Curved OLED display not expected to be available in time
  • G6 could have same display as G5

Rumour originally claimed LG would be equipping the G6 with a curved OLED display, which would have put the new flagship in the same play pit as Samsung and its S6 edge and S7 edge devices.

Despite already producing OLED displays for the Apple Watch Series 2 and its own TVs and smartwatches, it’s now been claimed LG Display won’t be in a position to mass produce OLED screens in time for the G6.

With that in mind, it is expected that the LG G6 will arrive with the same or similar display as the G5, meaning a 5.3-inch Quad HD LCD display. We’d also expect the G6 to feature the Always-On functionality found on the G5, allowing users to see notifications without turning the full display on.

LG G6: Camera

  • Dual-camera setup will probably remain
  • Rumours of all-in-one iris and front-camera sensor

The LG G5’s biggest attribute is its fantastic dual rear camera that delivers excellent results. We’d expect the G6 to follow in the same path offering a standard camera sensor, coupled with a wide-angle sensor like its predecessor.

There aren’t any specific rumours relating to the resolution of the G6’s cameras as yet but it has been suggested the front-facing camera will be an all-in-one camera and iris scanner. The iris scanner element will be used to authenticate the user and unlock the phone, like it was on the Galaxy Note 7, but it will be featured within a compact sensor that also combines the front-facing camera.

The Galaxy Note 7 on the other hand, uses two separate sensors: one for the iris scanner and one for the camera. The idea is that the single, smaller sensor will help save space and potentially make the G6 slimmer. Nothing has been confirmed as yet though so take this with a pinch of salt for now.

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LG G6: Hardware

  • New wireless system originally reported, but now said to be ditched
  • Likely to be Qualcomm SD830 chip with at least 4GB of RAM

Rumours suggested the LG G6 was supposed to feature a new wireless charging system, but like the curved OLED display, it has since been claimed this feature won’t make the cut either. The new system was said to offer fast charging from a distance of up to 70mm, but apparently we will have to wait to the G7 instead.

Other hardware rumours have been thin on the ground but we wouldn’t we surprised to see Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830 chip, at least 4GB of RAM and at least 32GB of internal memory. MicroSD support was included on the G5, as was a removable battery, but if LG does decide to step away from the modular design and move to a more premium build, it will most likely have to do away with the removable battery element.

The LG G5 offers a 2800mAh battery so we’d expect the same for the G6, if not a 3000mAh.

LG G6: Software

  • Likely to launch on Android Nougat

LG launched the first device from the box featuring Android Nougat in the LG V20 so the LG G6 will no doubt come with the latest build of the software. It will probably have LG’s software over the top, but there have been no specific features or functions rumoured as yet.

A closer look at the LG V20’s software would probably give us an indication of some of the user experience details we can expect from the G6, though there will be new features too.

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LG G6: Conclusion

At the moment, rumours are a little thin on the ground regarding the LG G6, but from what has been reported so far, it looks like LG’s next flagship could be a little underwhelming.

The G5 might not have been to everyone’s taste, but it was at least innovative and exciting, so we’d hope LG doesn’t drop the ball and go too safe with the G6. Currently, it looks like we can expect a new, more premium design, coupled with an iris scanner and front-facing camera combo.

Everything is hearsay for now though, so perhaps LG will find a way to bring that curved OLED display and new wireless charging system to the G6 after all. We will update this feature as more reports and rumours appear so watch this space.

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