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November 3, 2016

Dell hints at its take on a Surface Studio-like creative PC

by John_A

Microsoft and HP haven’t completely cornered the market on creativity-minded desktops, apparently — Surface Pro Artist noticed that Dell teased its own all-in-one creative PC as part of the AdobeMAX opening keynote. The short clip (below) avoids offering any explicit details, but it’s clear that this isn’t a direct parallel to the Surface Studio. You’re not drawing directly on the computer, to begin with. Instead, Dell will have a Cintiq-style tablet display (it’s not certain if this is standard or optional) where you’ll create your masterpieces. The prominent chin on the Dell rig is also a sharp contrast to Microsoft’s minimalist design. Are those speakers?

Not that there aren’t any parallels to Microsoft’s system. Dell will have its own Surface Dial-like accessory that can pop up brushes and other creative tools wherever you place it on the tablet display.

In keeping with Dell’s time-honored tradition of not saying anything about products during teasers, the teaser doesn’t discuss features, performance, price or ship dates. The company only mentions that you can expect a formal announcement soon. From a cursory glance, though, it’s reasonable to presume that the dual display configuration you see in the video won’t be cheap.

Via: The Verge

Source: Surface Pro Artist (Twitter)

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