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October 21, 2016

Google searches for ‘nasty’ hit all-time high after Trump’s comment

by John_A

At the conclusion of the third presidential debate in which Donald Trump failed to show American he has the temperament or knowledge to lead the country, the embattled Republican candidate hissed “such a nasty woman” at his opponent Hillary Clinton. The internet reacted predictably: with outrage and streaming of Janet Jackson’s 30-year-old hit “Nasty.” But Spotify wasn’t the only place that felt a “nasty” effect: Google says that searches for “nasty” have spiked more than 10 times over their normal level since last Thursday.
Furthermore, Google says that “nasty” searches have reached an all-time high on the search engine worldwide. What exactly people were looking for remains unclear; it could have been more people looking for Janet Jackson’s classic track, or it could have been people searching for news article relating to Trump’s comment. Whatever people may be looking for, it seems Trump has given birth to yet another meme that’ll come to define his campaign. In a crazy election cycle, he may have finally had his “binders full of women” moment.

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