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October 16, 2016

Samsung’s leaked Chromebook is a pen-toting premium hybrid

by John_A

Samsung’s Chromebook strategy has so far focused on the budget-conscious crowd, but it’s about to change in a big, big way. Chrome Unboxed tipsters have uncovered store listings (and briefly, a landing page) for a Chromebook Pro that would cater to people wanting a high-end Chrome OS experience. The 12.3-inch system would not only have a Chromebook Flip-style 360-degree touchscreen, but a pen — you could turn this Google-powered laptop into an impromptu drawing tablet. The page hints at a pre-installed ArtCanvas app for creative types, and the pen would no doubt come in handy for promised Android app support.

The stylus wouldn’t be the only selling point. The Pro would come wrapped in a “full metal” shell that helps it measure just 0.55 inches at its thickest point. It’d have a very sharp 2,400 x 1,600 display, too. And a six-core, 2GHz ARM processor should both help with battery life (up to 10 hours) and improve compatibility with Android apps.

If the store listings are accurate, you’d have to spend a hefty $499 to get the Chromebook Pro, which could arrive as soon as October 24th. That’s a lot to spend on a Chrome OS device, especially one that doesn’t have the processing power of similarly premium rivals like the HP Chromebook 13. However, it might be the machine to get if you’re buying a Chromebook with Android apps in mind.

Via: 9to5Google, Chrome Unboxed

Source: Adorama, Samsung landing page (cached)

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