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October 8, 2016

Three must-have DIY hardware deals for tech enthusiasts

by John_A

It’s important to stay productive, but there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun while you do it.

That’s why we’re showcasing three top deals on DIY hardware resources. Whether you’re designing a smart home or building a mini computer, these resources are guaranteed to boost your STEM knowledge while you build some fun creations.

Pay What You Want: DIY Hardware & Internet of Things eBook Bundle

Sale: Pay What You Want ($339 USD value)

From 3D printers to Arduino wearables, this ebook bundle boasts a trove of resources on building your own DIY electronics. Sharpen your coding skills while you create a Raspberry Pi computer or dive into robotics by building your own i3 Berlin 3D Printer. Simply pay what you want, and you can kickstart your next DIY project.

The Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit

Sale: £92.51 ($119.99 USD) | Savings: 55 per cent

Designed by computer science educators, the Raspberry Pi 3 is a compact computer that lets you build a myriad of projects. This starter kit will provide you with the hardware and know-how to get your hands dirty hacking, programming, and even robot building with your very own Raspberry Pi machine.

Piper Computer Kit

Sale: £215.10 ($279 USD) | Savings: 6 per cent

Make computer engineering fun for the whole family with this build-your-own computer kit. Follow a real engineering blueprint and get your own self-contained computer up and running with Raspberry Pi technology. From there, you’ll learn all about computer engineering through the Minecraft-powered PiperUniverse. You’ll also experiment with included gadgets like LED lights, motion sensors, and more.

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