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August 30, 2016

Apple made wireless headphones called ‘AirPods’ for iPhone 7

by John_A

Something quite unexpected might be announced alongside the next iPhone models on 7 September. 

While everyone is focused on built-in hardware features for the so-called iPhone 7, Russian regulatory trademark filings spotted by seem to confirm that Apple is readying standalone hardware for its upcoming phones. The filings, which were published by the Eurasian Economic Commission on 29 August, refer to wireless headphones called AirPods.

This has been a long-rumored brand name for Apple’s wireless headphones for iPhone 7. The next iPhone is thought to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, leaving customers with either the Lightning connector or Bluetooth technology for connecting audio devices like headphones. These AirPod headphones are likely a first-party accessory, as there is no indication they’re a Beats product.

It’s also unclear if Apple will bundle them with the iPhone 7 or sell them optionally. Other reports have claimed Apple made a Lighting version of its existing EarPods, and if that’s true, maybe we’ll see those bundled instead. Either way, we’ll know for sure soon.

Check out Pocket-lint’s round-up to see what else Apple might unveil.

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