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August 27, 2016

The Public Access Weekly: Everyday robots

by John_A

Tomorrow is International Cosplay Day, so a quick shout-out to all you creative folks out there who spend so much time stitching together costumes to bring fantasy to life: Y’all are rad! It is very cool to see the myriad ways in which people bring their favorite fictional characters to life, and I have complete respect for the time, dedication and imagination that it takes to cosplay. If any of you are planning on participating, we would love to see pictures and hear about any events you attended!

Additionally, and I really, REALLY shouldn’t have to say this (or get shouty about it) but don’t post things on Public Access if you haven’t written them. We do not, ever, in any-freaking-way tolerate plagiarism — and yes, rephrasing someone else’s article word-for-word counts as plagiarism. If you are posting an article for someone else, their name is the only name that should appear in the byline field. If we discover that your article has been plagiarized, we will pull your post and revoke your membership to Public Access immediately. We have a one-strike policy against plagiarism, because seriously, stealing someone else’s work is a crappy thing to do.

Looking for something to read? Check out:

A lot of people have opinions on Uber, Lyft and the way those companies are impacting the taxi industry. To whit, Massachusetts’ governor recently enacted a law that will charge the services 20 cents which will go to infrastructure — and to the taxi industry, meaning ridesharing companies will be directly funding the taxi’s they’re disrupting. It’s an interesting tactic, and plenty of folks are weighing in with their two cents in the comments.

This article — on a study that showed people prefer robots that are capable of expressions while also demonstrating that people will lie to a robot to avoid ‘hurting its feelings’ — is provoking some interesting comments and discussions about humans, empathy and machines.

Virtual reality is the hot new technology on the horizon, with the industry diving in deep to AR and VR hardware, applications and use cases. However, it seems that a majority of VR developers are throwing their weight behind the HTC Vive — and not the Oculus Rift, which is Facebook’s contender. Don’t miss the debate in the comments about the various drawbacks merits of each offering, and how other VR headsets may factor in.

Looking for something to write about? Mull over:

In honor of this Xbox Onesie that may (or may not) go on sale in Australia, tell us about your geekiest article of clothing. What is it, where did you get it, and why did you buy it? Also, you all know the rule: Pics or it didn’t happen.

One of the only games I’ve played recently was Limbo — a game rated “T” meaning its appropriate for those at a teen age level and above. And this article about the recent crop of YA games has me excited to play some new titles. If you play YA games, or games technically intended for a younger audience, tell us what you enjoy about them and share some of your favorite titles. Alternatively, write up a review of the last YA-style game you played.

Here’s one to really chew on: Have you ever wanted to quit the Internet? Has there ever been an online experience that made you just want to throw up your hands and walk away from the whole damn thing? Tell us about it – what happened, how it made you feel and what made you come back online?

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