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August 8, 2016

This popular Japanese snack can teach you how to code

by John_A

Glico, that Japanese company that makes a bunch of popular snacks like Pocky, has created what’s probably the most delicious way to learn basic coding. It has launched a new app called Glicode, which features a character you can control by taking photos of your noms. Seriously. You know how Pocky’s basically a biscuit stick covered in chocolate, strawberry and all sorts of yummy flavors? Well, you have to position and arrange them in a way that the app can translate into digital commands, and then take a photo. If you do things right, your character can move through obstacles.

The app is now out for Android, though it looks like the company is also developing an iOS version. We were able to download it just fine, so it’s definitely available outside Japan. As you can guess, Glico conjured up this project for kids, but there’s absolutely no reason you can’t try it out. After all, nobody can tell you not to play with your food anymore.

Check out Glicode in action below:

Via: The Verge, TheNextWeb

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