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July 21, 2016

Digivolve your home screen this Wallpaper Wednesday

by John_A


Don’t let your home screen fall into a rut — switch out your wallpaper!

You don’t have to pull out a complex new theme like Spider-Man to bring a breath of fresh air to your home screen. A new wallpaper can do wonders, and launchers like Action Launcher can re-theme your entire home screen around a good wallpaper. In our effort to help brighten your device — and maybe your day — we’re compiling some wallpapers for you to try out.

If you’ve got a wallpaper you use everywhere, share it in the comments below! We’re always looking for something new. Now get your wallpaper picker ready and see what’s in store this week.

Gabumon by WeelJustWeel


Gabumon’s shy, relentlessly devoted, and clever. He’s also a vaccine-attribute Digimon, meaning he’s the Digimon I’d want around my systems. This wallpaper shows that fierce protection and loyalty as Gabumon prepares to defend his friends. The glow also adds a beautiful depth to it.

Gabumon by WeelJustWeel

Minimalistic Digimon Wallpaper Collection by Ferecium


There’s a lot of digimon we all wish were partnering with us, and while I wish I could showcase every one of them here, I don’t have the space for them. Luckily, this gallery from Ferecium features all our favorites from Digimon Adventure in a beautiful minimalist style. From Koromon to Paildramon, you can showcase them all on your desktop.

Minimalistic Digimon Wallpaper Collection by Ferecium

Fairymon by moremindmoremel0dy


There are a lot of strong women in the ranks of the digidestined, and in Digimon Frontier, they went beyond helping their partner digivolve: they became digimon and fought themselves. And while Frontier only had one female digidestined, Zoe Orimoto was awesome. She was smart, she wasn’t afraid to call out the boys, and her digimon was graceful while still kicking serious digital butt. Oh yeah, and did I mention the awesome outfit and the wings? Could I get a pair of those?

PS. Digimon Frontier had the best theme song.

Fairymon by moremindmoremel0dy

Makino Ruki by Riza23


And speaking of kick-ass girls with awesome outfits, Ruki Makino from Digimon Tamers (or Rika, for those of us who grew up on the dub), has the market cornered on cool digidestined. Her single-minded determination, her dry wit, her simple but killer outfits, and the coolest Rookie partner ever, Ruki can shut down opponents with a single look, and if not, a Diamond Storm will take care of things in short order.

Makino Ruki by Riza23

Choose Your Partner by moremindmoremel0dy


While your starter doesn’t quite so much in Pokemon (and even less so in Pokemon Go), in Digimon, your starter well and truly becomes your partner. Another perk of Digimon over it’s more popular cousin, while Pokemon evolve and stay evolved, digimon will regress back to their lower levels to conserve energy, make travel easier, and gosh darn it, they’re just cuter! I mean look at those mon! LOOK AT THEM!!

Choose Your Partner by moremindmoremel0dy

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