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July 14, 2016

Gaming Gadgets of the Future

by John_A

Gaming Gadgets of the Future

Gaming technology is moving at a fast rate right now, and it’s a very good time to be a gamer. With this in mind we’ve decided to take a look at some of the big trends heading our way in the next few years, and look at how they’ll shape the future of gaming.

VR and AR Headsets

If you have an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC you’ll know that virtual reality and augmented reality is the new technology that is creating a buzz. It may be expensive right now, but with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on the market, you can now experience the world of virtual reality. You just need a high-end PC and lots of cash to do it. It should be noted that hope is on the horizon with PlayStation VR though that offers the experience at a cheaper price.

Microsoft are also offering HoloLens which is more of an augmented reality headset. Adding computer generated graphics onto the environment around you, the results are very impressive. While many games that use these technologies do feel like technical demonstrations right now this will soon change. It won’t be long before you are shooting zombies in your favourite FPS, or even stepping into a virtual casino , or get more with bingo.

Gaming Vests

One of the problems with virtual reality is how to add some feedback to the user so that they feel the world they are playing in. with vests like the Kor-FX gaming vest the user will be able to feel the world around them, making the experience even more real.

Advanced Gaming Mice

Moving away from virtual reality, there are also advanced coming to input devices. One example of this is the Naos Quantified Gaming Mouse. This mouse has in-built sensors that take reading tracking your heartrate, skin responses and your overall gaming speed. This kind of data can have many uses, including manipulating horror games based on how scared you are.

There are many new advances coming in the world of gaming, and these are just some that caught our eye. With these kind of new technologies on the way, the world of gaming is set to become very interesting indeed.

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