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July 12, 2016

How to make your bedroom smart

by John_A

It’s the bedroom, right? So do you need tech there, beyond an alarm clock? Well, sure you do.

You’ll be sleeping there so you can benefit from gadgets that really show you how well you’re sleeping, or not. They can even help you get to sleep, and then there’s stuff to wake you up better, including with a hot drink.

Oh, and tech can help you stay safe with a smoke alarm that you’ll hear without being terrified by it. Here are some great gadgets to make your bedroom smart.

Withings Aura Sleep monitor

How well do you sleep? Tech company Withings is hoping to help you sleep better. The Aura system starts with an alarm clock that wakes you with light as well as carefully chosen music, if you wish. The speaker can channel Spotify, if you have a premium account, so there’s a wide range of music to choose from.

The light works to simulate sunrise, but the Aura can also help you get to sleep by shining optimised colours that help you nod off. There’s also an optional sleep sensor that slips under the mattress to measure how deeply you’re sleeping, as well as how long. It can even adapt the time the light clock wakes you so that it’s the best time in your sleep cycle. Clever stuff.

PRICE: $290,

Honeywell Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat


If the bedroom gets too cold, or worse, too warm, it can be difficult to sleep so it’s important to have a good thermostat. Trouble is, if you’re lying in bed and the thermostat controlling the temperature is downstairs, getting up might not seem appealing.

The Lyric Round is controllable from your smartphone, so you can adjust the temperature from 20 feet away, without having to get out of bed. There are other clever features here, too. The thermostat can use the location information on your phone to know where you are, so when it senses you’re heading home, it can warm up a chilly house. 

PRICE: $229,

Swan STM100 Teasmade


Waking up to a cup of tea (or coffee) is always an appealing thought. The Teasmade, hugely popular in British bedrooms in the 1930s and beyond, has now been reborn for the twenty-first century with an LCD clock that dims the clock face automatically. Just before it wakes you up, the teasmade rapidly heats the 600ml capacity and sounds its alarm after boiling.

The ceramic teapot sits inside the unit. Fill the tank then place two tea bags or two teaspoons of instant coffee in the pot and go to sleep, happy in the knowledge that the Teasmade will do the rest. It even has a reading light built in.

PRICE: $120 (plus shipping),

Samsung SleepSense bed sensor


This is part of Samsung’s SmartThings range of gadgets that talk to each other. It’s a flat disc that sits under your mattress and gives you extremely detailed information how you slept (how long, how often you woke, how much REM sleep, how long it took to fall asleep and more).

Even better, it can connect to Samsung’s SmartThings phone app which can control other items in your house, such as a thermostat (including the Honeywell model above) or light bulbs, to help you adjust other factors that might let you sleep better. 

PRICE: $199,

Dyson Supersonic


This powerful hairdryer is an essential for your bedroom dressing table. It’s light and easy to hold, thanks to a better balance than previous machines. That’s because the motor is in the base of the handle.

The Supersonic is designed so it won’t damage your hair because it never gets too hot – intelligent heat control checks the temperature 20 times a second. It’s also much quieter than rival hairdryers, not least because it uses the expertise from the company’s hand dryers with its Air Multiplier technology. It looks brilliant, too, but it’s not cheap.

PRICE: $820,

Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm


Smoke alarms can be life savers. But if you’ve spent much time waving a tea towel in front of one to desperately try and quell the noise when you’ve burnt the toast, you may prefer to try the Nest.

With a signal from your mobile, you can silence it. And if the Nest senses smoke or carbon monoxide, it tells you, using a voice alarm, indicating where the situation is happening. It can send notifications to your phone, not just for worrying gases but to let you know the battery is running low.

PRICE: $99,

The Honeywell Lyric Water Leak and Freeze Detector is an early warning system that notifies you on your smartphone when a leak is detected or the temperature drops below a temperature of your choice. By catching it early, you may be able to avoid expensive repairs and loss of treasured items. To find out more visit

This article was created in association with Honeywell.

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