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May 26, 2016

Osmo Coding: Educational iPad game now helps kids learn programming

by John_A

Osmo is an iPad system that aids education for children aged five to 12 through fun, intuitive game packs.

It uses a base in which you stand your iPad and a camera attachment to scan objects placed on a table in front. They then work in combination with dedicated Osmo apps to help kids learn to spell, put together puzzles, draw and, more recently, solve sums.

Now there’s a new pack announced that will help very young children learn to code, through fun and basic methods. Pocket-lint saw it in action during the CU Exposed event in London.

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Designed for the youngest in the Osmo age range, Osmo Coding is a pack that comes with large, chunky tiles, each of which able to give a downloaded game simple logic instructions.

The game features character Awbie, who can be guided through a series of mazes, collecting strawberries along the way. There are obstacles, so the tile instructions are needed to navigate him successfully.

There are tiles for walking, jumping, to turn around or stop. And the jumping and walking tiles each have directional arrows to turn Awbie to progress in the right direction. In addition, numbers can be added to the tiles to instruct the loveable character on how many steps to take.

A play tile starts the process.


Tiles can be linked together and are magnetic, so as children learn, they can chain an increasing number of moves. This gives them the basic tools to understand computer programming through move sequences – something that should stand them in good stead to progress to more complicated coding tools as they get older.

First Impressions

Osmo is an excellent system that we’re already big fans of here on Pocket-lint. Rather than simply provide an educational application, the physical nature of the games and their accessories means children get a more tangible way to learn and parents can interact and help more easily.

Osmo Coding continues in that innovative vein and provides a simple way for kids to understand command structures.

Even if just seen as a logic puzzle game, it works well.

We’ll test it a bit more thoroughly in the near future, but from what we’ve seen so far we want to play it, let alone our kids.

It is now available from the website – along with the Starter Kit you’ll need to play the add-on – priced at £39. The Starter Kit is £69, which also includes the Tangram and Words packs.

You can also get other kits, including the Wonder Kit at £119 which comes with all the add-ones.

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