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May 25, 2016

Kenmore 92583 review – CNET

by John_A

The Good The $2,800 Kenmore 92583 electric range is a fast and furious cooker with a design that evokes luxury-brand design. The dual convection fans in the oven help you bake multiple racks of food evenly.

The Bad The range has too much of a heavy hand with some features such as broiling and the Accela-Heat mode, which promises to cook food without having to preheat the oven. The test results included burnt burgers and crunchy cinnamon rolls.

The Bottom Line This range looks like a pro, but still needs some practice when it comes to cooking.

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Kenmore has in recent years produced a steady stream of reliable ranges that cook food well. Many of them have even gotten good reviews here at CNET Appliances.

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Unfortunately, the company’s winning streak has ended with its Pro line. The Sears-held brand designed this suite of large kitchen appliances to rival products that come from luxury (read: more expensive) manufacturers. The Kenmore 72583 gas range from the Pro catalog was amateur in its cooking performance and gave me pause about Kenmore’s attempt to reach a higher-end market. The Kenmore 92583 electric range solidified my feelings about the company’s Pro ranges: These products let the entire brand down.

Like its gas counterpart, the $2,800 Kenmore 92583 has impressive extras — no-preheat baking, rapid boiling, dual convection fans — and a physical profile that will make home cooks feel like top chefs. The range nails basic tasks like baking and boiling as you would expect from a product that’s nearly $3,000. But it flounders at perfecting the features that are supposed to elevate the range above other mainstream brands. Tests left me with scores of unexceptional test food and questions about Kenmore’s move into professional kitchen-inspired appliances.

The Kenmore 92583 isn’t the range you’re looking for from this brand. Save yourself some money and go with the Kenmore 95073, a freestanding model that makes up for its lack of special features with its fast-boiling induction cooktop and $1,700 price.

Kenmore range flies too close to the sun,…
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A remarkable range at first glance

The Kenmore 92583 has all the physical qualities that a house-hunting couple on HGTV could ask for. The 30-inch wide range has a stainless steel finish, a smooth electric cooktop and a slide-in design, features that allow it to make a confident statement in the kitchen without being too garish.

A few performance details are as equally noteworthy as the range’s appearance. The cooktop features a Turbo Boil burner, which lived up to its name in my tests. This burner took an average of 8.93 minutes to bring 112 ounces of water to a rolling boil. Only one other electric cooktop has clocked in a faster time: another Kenmore range, the 97723.

Large Burner Boil Test (Electric Models)

Kenmore 97723


Kenmore 92583


KitchenAid KSEG950ESS




Kenmore 41313




Samsung NE58K9850WG



Time to achieve rolling boil, in minutes

The 5.1 cubic-foot oven also has a couple of pleasant surprises hiding in its walls. The oven comes with dual convection fans that help circulate air more evenly and efficiently throughout the oven cavity. Convection works well when you’re baking food on more than one oven rack, and the two convection fans in this Kenmore proved that point well.

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