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February 11, 2016

HTC One M10 rumored to use the same camera sensor as Nexus 6P

by John_A

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It’s no secret that HTC has been losing favor with Android fans over the last few years, and the One M9 did very little to help stave off this issue. In fact, some would argue it sped things further along.

Some of the biggest points of contention with the One M9 was the over familiarity in design, some of the performance woes associated with the Snapdragon 810, and, unsurprisingly, camera quality. It’s still too early to say if HTC will be able to fully address some of the complaints regarding design and performance with the One M10, but the good news is that camera hardware may finally be an issue of the past.

In the previous generations of the One series, HTC had made some pretty odd choices in the photography department, sticking to its UltraPixel guns, long after it was proven to be a less than ideal strategy. The M9 promised to finally bolster up the One series, bringing its camera experience up to the same level as the competition. Despite its 20.7 MP shooter sounding great on paper, the actual real world experience wasn’t so well received, largely due to poor processing of picture data. Thankfully, HTC may be finally bringing its A-game.

According to well-known leaker LlabTooFeR, HTC Perfume (aka One M10) will offer a Samsung s5k4e6 5MP UltraPixel camera on the front, with the rear sporting a Sony IMX377 12MP 1.55um + Laser Autofocus + PDAF. It’s the main cam that really piques our interest though, as that happens to be the same sensor found in the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, both of which are regarded as two of the best Android camera phones available. Of course, just because the HTC One M10 uses the IMX377 doesn’t mean it will end up having an amazing camera.

There’s other aspects that go into consideration beyond just the sensor, including the post-processing, which is an area where HTC has clearly stumbled in the past. Still, it’s a positive sign.

As for what else we can expect regarding the One M10? The rumor mill paints the picture of a Snapdragon 820 powered device with 4GB RAM, 32GB on-board storage with microSD, a 5.2-inch QHD display, and a design that is supposedly similar to the HTC One A9 (which by extension means it will bear similarity to the iPhone).

What do you think, excited for the HTC One M10? If not, what would it take from HTC to get you interested in the company’s flagships once more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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